Torolex has specialized in manufacturing and development of test fixtures for functional test of PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards). We are highly specialized and only deliver test fixtures for functional test of PCB's.

A fixture solution consists of a standard fixture and some parts processed and adjusted to fit the customers PCB. To supply a finished fixture a few simple informations are necessary, please see 'Order Documentation'.

The common delivery time is 5 working days (excl. shipping). During busy periods and when special requirements must be fulfilled delivery time might be longer. In case that customers demand fast delivery, examples of 1 day delivery are not unusual.

To select the right fixture depends on production volume, economy and technical requirements. We will be happy to have a dialogue and discuss possible solutions, so don't  hesitate to contact us. We do our best to help find a solution which fulfill your requirements. This might even be equipment not delivered by Torolex.